Gender equality and vulnerable groups

Because of its multi-disciplinary nature, the renewable energy field exerts an appeal on women that the fossil fuel industry has lacked. IRENA surveys have found that women represent 32% of the overall renewable energy workforce – substantially higher than the 22% average in the global oil and gas industry. Still, in renewables, women’s participation is much lower in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs than in administrative jobs. Further, a new survey focused on the wind sector finds that some renewable industries fare less well: women represent 21% of the wind sector workforce, underscoring how far the industry has yet to go to reach meaningful gender equality.

Shares of women in STEM, non-STEM and administrative jobs in renewable energy


Giving an equal voice to women will broaden perspectives in energy-related decisions from investment priorities to project design and ensure a more just sharing of socio-economic benefits that flow from the energy transition. In short, including women more fully in the renewable energy sector is critical to the success of making the energy system inclusive and sustainable.